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Pricing Structure

The pricing of services rendered depends on a plethora of factors given the scale and scope of a design project and depending on the type of interior design service, e.g. remodel, décor, lighting, consulting etc. the fee structures vary. This is decided upon a mutual understanding between the client and designer by signing a “letter of Agreement” prior to commencement of work on the project.

Depending upon your requirements and the services requested, the following are the various types of fees:

The hourly fee is simply charging the client by the hour. The designer keeps detailed records of the number of hours spent on the project and bills the client.

The Flat fee is a single price that may be broken up into payments for the project.  A deposit is made at the beginning and then further payment due after certain phases of the work is completed with a final payment at the end of the project.

The Percentage over cost method is great for residential and commercial projects as well. Our team does an in depth analysis of the project and arrives at the net cost to which a predetermined percentage mark-up is applied.

The cost per square foot is a simple way of charging that is commonly used for space planning tasks and is usually a small amount per square metre or footage. This billing mode is popular for commercial interior design projects.

The combination rates billing method is advised if working on a large and complex project. The initial works of space planning are charged per square foot. Percentage over cost billing is used for the remainder of the project.

Consultation fee is an hourly fee to provide consultation services to the client.  The designer is available to assist the client in purchasing, selecting finishes, merchandise etc. and to answer questions.  This is a good fee structure for the DIY’s (Do It Yourself).